Dog Rescue - Dominican Republic

What's this about?

Helping Street Dogs in need

Since the year 2020 I followed my inner call and my love for the furry ones and started a small dog rescue centre in the Dominican Republic, located in Los Brazos (20 minutes from Cabarete). Luckily, I frequently get help from some friends, sometimes even from strangers.

My task is helping street-dogs in need. These can be both, dogs that live on the streets, and also the worst cases, dogs that I have to take into my place, as a rehabilitation facility.

My name is Kristina, I come from Denmark and have been living on the island since 2020. My passion and compassion for dogs made my buy a small piece of land, where I am following my dream of helping dogs, in a country without a law system that protects animals.

I maintain this place with my private income, as well as by donations. All donations go 100% into the support for the street-dogs that I care for. If you want to donate, no matter how big or small the amount, you will directly support the rescue centre and by this, directly the dogs. Food, toys and medical donations are also very welcome.

You are more than welcome to visit here and meet my dogs. If you fall in love, while you are here, I have an adoption program, where you only cover the costs of the medical care, that it takes me to get the specific dog healthy again.


Because I love dogs!

Dogs show us unconditional love and that’s what I offer them too. Something that’s difficult for many human beings.

Animals here on Dominican Republic have no protection by law, but I think they deserve being treated well and respectful as the living beings that they are.

How can you support?

Donate Dogfood

I am using a lot of dogfood in the shelter and one the streets, I will be more than happy get your help.

Pay a Veterinarian Bill

Neutralisations, nexgaard, vaccines, dewormer and more serious matters are cheaper here, but with so many dogs needing help, all is running up and I will be more than happy to get help.

Donate Money

Your donation is greatly appreciated, no matter how small or big the amount. Please click the button below and you will be taken to my Donorbox fundraiser page. 

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